Rev. Stephen McDermott

Army Chaplain

Karen Rumore is one of the most amazing persons I have ever had the privilege to know.As a priest and Army Chaplain…I first met Karen about 10 years ago and have been truly blessed for it. Her friendly disposition makes her someone to whom it is easy to open up to and talk about difficult/personal issues. Her compassion and tenderness allows her to build a tremendous level of trust. And… her understanding of the human condition gives her the profound ability to address the issues at hand. She has never ceased to amaze me in all of these areas!

As one goes through life, it is rare to meet such a beautiful person who is blessed with both a huge heart as well as great insight into the human psyche. In Karen, you will find such a person. For this reason, I asked her on numerous occasions to help me minister to my high school group. The youth absolutely LOVED her. And when I was assigned to a garrison in Germany, I flew Karen all the way to Glendalough, Ireland to lead a weekend retreat for my parishioners.Again… she touched the hearts of all present.

If you are looking for a wonderful person you can trust to help you work through difficult problems/issues you are experiencing… I do not know another person I would more highly recommend than Karen Rumore.

Call Karen at (484) 895-8050 or fill out the contact form