Hope for Eating Disorders

I will never forget the day Karen Rumore picked up her phone in response to my urgent plea for help.  From that initial conversation, I felt that she was the answer to my prayer.  My beautiful, eighteen year old daughter had recently been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, and was vehemently against continuing with the therapist her pediatrician had sent her to see.  I had sensed something wasn’t right there, but to whom could she turn?  Because I believe that illness affects not only mind, body and emotions, but one’s spirit as well, I was convinced that my daughter needed the care of an excellent therapist who treated the whole person, body and soul.  I had been praying for just such a person when an amazing coincidence (I like to say “God-incidence”) led me to the Catholic Therapist website where I found Karen Rumore.

Ms. Rumorewas extremely sensitive and caring as she listened to me describe my daughter’s plight and agreed to meet with her that very day.  Though I may have been intimidated at first that I had chosen a therapist for my child who was over 60 miles away, I knew by the success of their first meeting that Karen Rumore was well worth the trip.  My daughter began to open up to Karen in a way she could not with the other therapist.  I firmly believe that what my daughter was drawn to, through Karen’s strong faith and love for God, was the very presence of God himself.  And in that safe haven my daughter provided Karen a little window into her soul.   Anorexia nervosa is a difficult thing to conquer and it is possible that my daughter has a long road ahead of her.  The days are still a struggle, and each moment has its challenges, but  the time my daughter spends with Karen makes this burden easier for her to bear, and gives me hope that one day, in God’s time, she will be fully healed.

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