Coaching Roman Catholics and people of all faiths

                                       to become the people God created us to be.


                "The difference is Me!

                I am your Way, your Truth, and your Life.

                Don't settle for survival;

                I came to give you life!" 

                From John 10:10 and 14:6; Hugs for the Holidays, Lee Ann Weiss.

                My own daily prayer . . .

                “Lord, please help me to be the person You put me here to be

                - nothing more, nothing less, but all that You have intended.”



                Specializing in parenting skills, building and healing intimate relationships, weight management and more

                We are adopted sons & daughters of the King! 

                We are of divine origin!

                Are you living and more importantly, loving, divinely?

                In the pace of today's world it's all to easy to lose touch with who we really are and with what truly matters to us.  How can we possibly begin to integrate the spiritual, professional and social spheres of our lives?  A new field of psychology and counseling uses Pope John Paul II's personalistic philosophy of treating the entire human person, to integrate our spiritual, psychological, physical, emotional and social well-being, toward true human fulfillment and genuine Happiness, using a Christo-centric approach.    

                Gaudium et Spes, 22,  "It is only Christ who can reveal the mystery of man to himself."